Holiday Gift Ideas for the Broke 20 Somethings

Hey Babes! As December comes to a swift end, Christmas is just around the corner. After Black Friday and Cyber-Monday sales come to a close, some of us might start to feel the pressure to gather gifts for our loved ones this upcoming holiday. For those of us who have felt the impact financially from the neverending pandemic. This can seem like a huge problem but I'm here to help!

A nice way to gift a meaningful yet wallet-friendly present is to make it yourself. Capitalize on your skills here! If you're an artist or creative focus your efforts on designing something unique for your loved ones this holiday. This could be anything from a beautifully designed Christmas card to custom miniature paintings for your loved ones. Use the supplies you have on hand to make something truly special! The amount of time you put into each craft will be greatly valued by your friends and family. Trust me here!

My family and I always have a homemade gift day or a day where we all get together and assemble a box of homemade goodies to send to loved ones. This is my mom's fantastic idea to help us spend quality time together while also getting to DIY some things to give as gifts to families and friends. You have no idea how many times in college I would come back to my dorm with a box of homemade cocoa kits and spice tea jars. Anytime a friend came over they got to leave with a jar and a candy cane! That can really put us all in the spirit of giving!

This year we focused all of our efforts on cookies. (no complaint's here on this one) We compiled a list of cookies. Using inspo from a ton of different recipe sites. But the best collection of recipes we found is linked here.

I focused my efforts on the Chewy Ginger Molasses cookies, dipped and glazed in semi-sweet chocolate. These cookies were absolutely delicious and we heard so much good feedback from our family and friends on these!

My next cookie was the Meyer-Lemon Shortbread Wreath. These cookies were not only delicious but were absolutely so precious. I think they really brought the Christmas cheer to the box.

We split up cooking duties as a family and came together to bake and assemble the boxes, putting them in Santa-themed ziplock bags and cute Christmas wrapping.

To top it off, after we sent out every box I made a cute cookie key for our friends and family to know exactly what they were getting in every box! I think this was such a cute personal final touch that truly made our cookie boxes one of a kind. And you can so easily do this too!

Growing up the holidays, particularly Christmas, was very important to my family. Particularly my Great Grandfather. I remember every year taking a trip over to their home to decorate the tree with their vintage ornaments. His house was always shining with classic Christmas cheer, with red string chili pepper Esq lights lining his rooftop even until he was in his late 80s. He always gave the best gift every year. He had a tradition of gifting all of the grandkids little metal or wood puzzles from the book store. Every puzzle was different and all had a differing difficulty level. I remember getting so frustrated when my older cousins would get a much harder puzzle and would solve theirs in 2 hours versus my 3. I look back on these memories fondly and I loved the competition. In the end, my grandad always picked the right puzzle for everyone and it couldn't have been a more perfect small gift. I laugh about it to this day, thinking about how some of us would enlist the adults to help solve the seemingly impossible puzzle of the year. Sometimes they would take even longer than the teens to solve it! You can find similar puzzles like these linked below from amazon. I highly recommend them haha

In the end, whether your gifting packed boxes of Christmas cookies or your watercolor paintings of flowers you managed to get done during your lunch break at work. Or even a simple brain teaser puzzle, you don't have to make a grand gesture to show your loved ones that they matter to you! It's the thought and time that matter most. Best of luck to you all and happy giving!!!!

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