Who Am I? An Intro

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Hello there Y'all!

Welcome to my life, my messy thoughts, my lifestyle blog.

I am a recent, rather broke, college graduate just trying to make my way through this mess we call life. I am 25. I am ambitious and also very lost. I was born in a small town in southeast Missouri. Moving from the middle of nowhere in a state kindly known as "misery". Transitioning to a bigger town in Texas at a very young age was very shaping for me. I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, and stayed there for college. I technically graduated from TCU in December of 2019 but walked the stage earlier in May... but that's a story for another time.

Post-graduation I was lost, had no idea where to live or what to do. I traveled throughout Australia with a friend from school for over a month and tried to enjoy my probable last moments of stress-free happiness before the real-life stresses would take a toll on me. Don't we all love taxes and the fact that there is such a thing as dog rent?! Even though they literally can't have a job?! I graduated with a BA in Biology, with a double minor in Business & Art! I was all over the place, but as a Libra, I've always prided myself on having a good balance in my life. Post-graduation I decided to take a risk, packed a large U-Haul full of plants and clothes packed to the max, and drove me and my dog 24 hours straight across the country to live with my mom in Corona del Mar, California. I had always dreamed of living by the ocean and have been obsessed with the west coast since my very first trip to Seattle. Two years later I find myself living in Irvine, CA in a beautiful condo that I renovated over quarantine. I am beyond blessed and I have decided to pursue my lifelong dream of writing, sharing, and creating content.

I hope to bring some happiness to my readers, a quick escape through my spontaneous trips, or some good fashion or lifestyle tips from years of trial and error. Whether it be fashion, home decorating, or even creating a masterpiece in a kitchen or painting studio, I can hopefully provide you all some insight as well as laughs at my many failures. My taste in fashion was immensely shaped by my great-grandmother. She showed me the beautiful balance of shopping by item and not brand name. I remember shopping with her from anywhere like Neiman Marcus or our weekly trips to Goodwill. Just call me an OG thrifter. My mom is also a huge fashion icon in my life. She is an image consultant and has spent years studying color theory and style. My passion for food has been cultivated by my travels. Traveling across the world has always been a huge passion of mine and my addiction grows greatly any chance I get to have a taste of it. My family is chock-full of creatives and I have been painting since I can even remember. My great grandmother got me a child's easel as soon as I could dip my fingers in paint and put it to paper. The art room was a safe haven for me in high school. I had an amazing art teacher who shaped my life's outlook, preaching gratitude and fostering a new perspective. She has grown to even write books and has given ted talks on the importance of a gratitude mindset.

I hope to bring you quality content through my pictures and videos on my Youtube channel. I have an abundance of entertaining stories since I try my best to live my life my own way, unhindered by society's ideals or the ones projected upon you from expectations from family and friends. Who no doubt have the best intentions with their unsolicited advice! However, throughout my 23 years on this planet, I've learned that the only person who can drive your life is you. Only YOU will know what is truly the best path for YOU, it's all just about following that good gut feeling. Follow along with me for my journey as I grow, focus on self-improvement, and get myself to where I need and want to be!

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